What are three ways social networking is the cause of social change?

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I need to write an essay about how social networking is helping the cause of social change. I need 3 strong details to write about in 3 paragraphs.


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I’ll give you a few good and bad examples of how it has changed how people interact..

1. It makes it a bit easier to meet women/men in a less awkward environment.. So it’s a little easier to date people (if you’re socially awkward).
2. I added one of my favorite band’s lead singers to my facebook just for the hell of it… But we ended up becoming good friends solely by talking on facebook.
3. It helps you keep in contact with people you wouldn’t otherwise keep in contact with

1. People post stupid ridiculous bullshit that no one cares about.. So they just get annoying until you block them..
2. You could lose contact with your real friends because you only talk to them on facebook, and don’t talk to them IRL anymore.
3. Friendships get torn apart because they could post stuff (whether it be political or religious) that you don’t agree with..

Overall.. There are pros and cons of social networking depending on how you go about it.

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