How can i go about creating a social networking site idea?


I have a Social Networking idea that i would love to develop, however i have no web design or programming experience. One night an idea just popped into my head, and it seems like something people can really benefit from. How can i go about developing my idea? The idea itself is very simple, but very effective, especially into today’s social networking world.




If you would like to create a Social Networking site similar to that of Facebook with profiles, messaging etc then there is a an easy to follow tutorial on youtube…

This may require some previous knowledge of programming though if you would like to personalize your website.

Janeline Gilberts

First thing to do is to hire web designers and web developers to create the site. After, promote it in SEO strategies.

Sarah D

I’ve seen postings on Craigslist for people looking to connect their idea with a web developer in exchange for a portion of the company. I don’t know how many are able to find a great web developer interested in that arrangement but it’s worth a try.

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