How can social networking websights be the cause of depression among people?


I heard in the news today that social networking websights such as facebook are the cause of a lot of depression among people. If anything I thought it kept people linked together. I live alone and love it because if I actually do want someone to talk to I can just get on facebook and chat with some of my old classmates and it is just like if they are right there. Like having one big party at my house and don’t have to worry about actually asking anyone to leave hah. So what are they talking about?




There is cyber bullying and other bad things going on out there. People are teasing other people, and so on, not just on facebook (because you could just block people if you really wanted to)


I understand your point of view.
My way of seeing it is that some people are very lonely, so they sit at home and check facebook all the time to see what their friends (who aren’t really their friends) are up to. When they see that everyone else is out doing something, they realize what a pathetic life they have.
Same with pictures. A person sees their “friends” posting a bunch of pictures of a big group together and they realize that the majority of their pictures are by themselves.
You essentially have to look at it at a lonely loser’s point of view haha.


Seeing as how it was on the radio, it most likely means that a small correlation was found between people who use social networking sites and depression, which would mean that people using them might be slightly more likely to develop depression. I would have to see the actual study to say for sure, but it probably means there’s a relationship, and not that its the cause. Radios/Newspapers like to make definite statements though, which often vary greatly from the truth.

If there is a relationship, it might be because some people who use those sites might also feel socially isolated – this could be because they stay on the computer rather than going out and then feel isolated OR that people who are already socially isolated may be more likely to use social networking sites in an attempt to feel it less…

Again, without the actual study that the radio was “citing” it is hard to say.. but, as I am sure you’ve heard before, don’t believe everything you hear… [studies cited in the media are rarely read correctly...]

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